About IDSecure

The IDSecure system differs from other VOI solutions by:

This captures key personal information and prepares your client for the face-to-face interview (they know what ID documents they need to bring to save time and client frustration)
Alerting you when your client has completed the ID document check list, indicating they are ready for an interview to be arranged and they have the necessary document to satisfy the VOI Standard
Giving you an option of conducting the interview at your office (in-house) or at a meeting place of the client’s choosing – either by yourself or an IDSecure Subscriber Agent
Having the ability to capture electronic images of all ID documents ‘on the spot’ at the 15-minute client interview using any tablet (i-phone, i-pad or similar) or mobile device with internet access
Generating a professional VOI Report and VOI data file that is safely and securely stored instantly at an Australian accredited and hosted data centre for nine years.

This is particularly helpful for repeat clients. No manual storage or tyring to find old VOI reports – you will always have access to them from the one convenient location.

It also presents a professional and streamlined way to collect the data in front of clients.

Complying with new national identity verification rules is creating additional workload and rigour for property conveyancing transactions.

But the new VOI requirement changes can be integrated as part of your existing land transaction processes to make it easy for you, your staff and your clients.

IDSecure is a market leader in providing a complete online Verification of Identity (VOI) solution to firms involved in Australian property transactions, to help them easily and seamlessly verify the identity of their clients in line with legislative requirements.

Our specialist online tool can easily be embedded into existing work flows to streamline the entire VOI process from start to finish for the conveyancing, legal, mortgage lending and banking sectors.

IDSecure’s online tool allows you to verify your client – no matter where or how they want to be verified!

Use the IDSecure system to verify clients in your office, on-the-road or by appointing one of IDSecure’s professional and accredited Agents.

You can easily integrate into your existing work-flows to streamline the VOI process from start to finish.

To comply with the changes, IDSecure will work with you and offers a complete ‘on the spot’ solution for in-house or remote use.

No matter whether you or one of our Agents captures the VOI data, the system automatically produces compliant VOI Reports and instantly uploads them to a secure Australian-hosted and accredited data storage centre for nine years. Searchable and retrievable by the firm and their staff at any time during that period.

We offer a fast and efficient way for firms to meet their VOI obligations – saving time and money while presenting a professional image in front of clients to capture their ID data.

We then securely store it for you for nine years in an Austraian hosted and accredited data centre. Searchable and retrievable at any time.

Registration for the system is free and there are no ongoing obligations.

IDSecure carries professional indemnity and fidelity insurances at levels required by the Model Participation Rules.

Key benefits

  • View and access all your clients under your individualised dashboard
  • Access a single use electronic client data file for each new client
  • Prior to the face-to-face interview, your clients follow a link emailed to them by the system that provides an ID document check list and captures key personal information
  • System alerts you when the client has pre-populated the ID document check list indicating they are ready for an interview to be arranged
  • Decide whether to conduct the client interview at your office or another meeting place to witness all relevant ID documents and capture ID images ‘on the spot’ creating a VOI Report and VOI data file that is securely stored instantly
  • If your client lives a significant distance from your office either in a metropolitan or regional location, IDSecure has an extensive network of fully qualified and trained Subscriber Agents that can conduct the interview on your behalf – and upload the VOI Report and data file instantaneously for you to access.

    IDSecure’s Subscriber Agents are all police checked, have themselves been verified through the IDSecure online verification system, and come from professional backgrounds to ensure they represent you to the highest possible standard every time!

    Click here for more information on IDSecure’s Subscriber Agents.