Frequently asked questions

Definitions of key terms2017-03-08T23:50:26+00:00

IDSecure client: Refers to the legal practitioner, conveyancing professional or any other party who subscribes to using the IDSecure online identity verification system to identify their client(s).

Conveyancing Professional: Subscriber to the website who conducts real property transactions on behalf of clients in accordance with the various applicable acts in their jurisdiction. Also referred to a Subscriber.

Legal Practitioner: is an Australian lawyer who holds a current local practising certificate or a current interstate practising certificate. In the context of the Policy, they are also referred to as a Verifier.

Client: An individual, whether conducting a real property transaction as an individual or as a director, or authorised person of another entity, who is required to verify their identity under the VOI Policy.

Subscriber Agent: An agent who is engaged by a Subscriber to undertake the verification of identity on their behalf. In some states, they are referred to as Verifiers’ Agents.

Client Data File: An electronic file purchased by the Professional Client which allows them to use the IDSecure system when interviewing their clients “in-house” or “on the road”, and if necessary, Subscriber Agents.

What are the IDSecure Terms and Conditions?2015-01-17T04:32:04+00:00

Clients of IDSecure are required to adhere to IDSecure’s Terms and Conditions, which have been approved by the National Electronic Conveyancing Group (ECG).

Please click here to view our Terms and Conditions.

Does IDSecure have insurances in place?2017-03-08T23:50:26+00:00

Yes. IDSecure maintains all insurances to protect the Professional, and in turn their client(s), as required by the VOI Policy.

IDSecure has Professional Indemnity and Fidelity Insurances at levels higher than required by the Model Participation Rules, which is a minimum of $1.5 million per transaction.

To view the Model Participation Rules, please click here.

Are there any ongoing obligations and lock-ins using IDSecure?2017-03-08T23:50:26+00:00

There are no ongoing obligations and you are not locked into any contracts.

It a requirement however that IDSecure’s Professional clients adhere to our Terms and Conditions. 

Does client information gathered remain private?2017-03-08T23:50:26+00:00

Information gathered and stored by IDSecure remains strictly private. IDSecure will only disclose personal client information to the Client who initiated the client verification or to any other party only where such disclosure is required by law or under court subpoena, such as the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink etc.

IDSecure will not share, sell or otherwise give access to any client data collected to anybody. IDSecure will not use client information for any marketing purposes whatsoever.

IDSecure continually reviews these standards and undertake system audits.

For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

How can I register and get started using IDSecure?2015-01-17T04:29:32+00:00

You can simply register online to start using IDSecure.

Alternatively please contact one of our friendly team who can talk you through the registration process and speak to you about how the IDSecure system works:

P: 1300 787 107

E: admin@idsecure.com.au

There are no ongoing obligations and you are not locked into any contracts.

Is the IDSecure website secure?2017-03-08T23:50:26+00:00

The security and integrity of our website is always our priority – we employ the latest and most effective protective processes and tools.

IDSecure client data uses a dedicated servicer in an accredited data centre located in Australia. It’s a secure professional web hosting facility that requires multiple secure levels of entry to prevent un-authorised access to IDSecure’s server. The IDSecure website uses the latest encryption technology.

Maintaining the integrity of our security is of the upmost importance at all times. IDSecure continually reviews these standards and undertakes system audits to ensure our security levels are maintained to ensure your online dealings with us are secure.

Are IDSecure’s Agents competent and reputable?2017-03-08T23:50:26+00:00

IDSecure Agents are professional people who have passed police checks, have been formally identified using IDSecure and undertaken a vigorous training program to ensure they conduct the client face-to-face interview on your behalf in accordance with the relevant VOI Policy.

They represent IDSecure’s clients in a professional manner at all times and adhere to our stringent expectations and policies.

All individual IDSecure Agents are covered by our professional indemnity and fidelity insurances that comply with ARNECC’s requirements.