IDSecure Identity Agents – who are they? And will they protect my reputation?

We often get asked about our Agents. Who are they and what to do they do.

At IDSecure we pride ourselves on the quality, professionalism and competence of our Agents. After all, you the practitioner needs to feel completely comfortable in who you refer your clients to, and know that the individual going out to meet them will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

It’s also important to remember in the shift towards e-conveyancing, the only face-to-face in-person interaction that your client may have throughout the entire property transaction is with the Identity Agent that you or your firm has recommended to your client.

So you and your client deserve to know that it will be a seamless, convenient, stress free and professional interaction, as it really is an extension of your firm’s brand and reputation. And it’s also our reputation on the line, so trust us when we say we’ve gone above and beyond to put the best people on the ground to meet with your clients.

They are the best you can get – we head hunt the best professionals to become IDSecure Agents and once we find them, we personally train each agent to ensure they meet our expectations and will represent both you and us to the highest standard.

Our Agents are well presented, technically competent and have a professional demeanour – thus ensuring your professional reputation is protected and respected during the client interview.

Representing YOU well in the field, with the serious professionalism that you and your clients deserve is paramount.

We are proud to say our agents have an unrivalled 100% success rate in conducting VOI interviews with the practitioner’s client – there have been NO failed interviews in the history of IDSecure.

This winning formula can be attributed to the quality of Agents on the ground and IDSecure’s unique in-built pre-qualification feature which checks your client has the correct combination of ID documents to comply with a Category of ID before the face-to-face interview, and that the documents are valid. This ensures that we don’t waste your clients time and Agents time sending them out ‘hoping’ that your client will have the correct ID documents.
At the interview, they will witness transfer and Client Authorisation documents, as it is best practise to do this all at the same time.

In addition, many of our Agents are Justice’s of the Peace (JP’s), further enhancing their attributes for the role and enabling your client to satisfy both their VOI and statutory declaration obligations in one interview. So you can eliminate the need for your clients to have to be verified and then separately find a JP to get their statutory documents declared (ie NSW OSR documents) – our Agents can do it all at once as part of the service!

On top of all this our Agents;

  • Make all the necessary arrangements to meet with your client at a precise time and convenient location to conduct the VOI
  • Undergo extensive in-person training and accreditation by IDSecure’s personnel, and are aware of the importance and legal requirements of VOI
  • Are police-checked and verified by IDSecure
  • Offer their services 7 days a week, both in and out of business hours
  • Receive ongoing training and support
  • Are covered under IDSecure’s $20m Professional Indemnity and Fidelity Insurance requirements of ARNECC.

For the professional choice, for a team that partners with you, and the communities in which they operate, contact us here.