Getting started is easy

The IDSecure solution is one of the most sophisticated and easy ways to move towards a paperless system, by loading identity evidence images onto a secure Australian accredited and hosted online data system on the spot, during the client interview.

Getting used to change in the workplace and understanding how to comply with new VOI requirements is the hard part. Getting started on the IDSecure system is easy and it offers the complete online solution.

To become a user, all you need to do is visit the IDSecure website home page at and click on the ‘register’ icon, where you will be directed to fill in some details. Alternatively, go straight to where you can let us know you’d like to become a user of our system.

As soon as we’re notified that you would like to become a user, we will contact you to help you through the registration process and help you understand how to use the system.

As a user, you can access single use client data files as you need them, upload all required client information and identity images, and be assured these files are safely and securely stored at an Australian-hosted and accredited data centre for nine years.

Your clients remain your clients. Only you have access to your client files at the click of a button – and never again will you find yourself wading through paperwork and manual files to access this client information.

IDSecure will make your life easier, provide a seamless experience for your clients and ensure you are fully compliant with the new VOI requirements and standards. As a user, there are no ongoing obligations and you are not locked into any contracts. You are however required to adhere to the IDSecure Terms and Conditions.

Key benefits

View and access all your clients under your individualised dashboard
Access a single use electronic client data file for each new client
Prior to the face-to-face interview, your clients follow a link emailed to them by the system that provides an ID document check list and captures key personal information OR you have the option to use the ‘quick entry’ method to verify “walk in” clients at your office or “on the road”
System alerts you when the client has pre-populated the ID document check list indicating they are ready for an interview to be arranged
Decide whether to conduct the client interview at your office or another meeting place to witness all relevant ID documents and capture ID images ‘on the spot’ creating a VOI Report and VOI data file that is securely stored instantly
If your client lives a significant distance from your office either in a metropolitan or regional location, IDSecure has an extensive network of fully qualified and trained Subscriber Agents that can conduct the interview on your behalf – and upload the VOI Report and data file instantaneously for you to access.

IDSecure’s Subscriber Agents are all police checked, have themselves been verified through the IDSecure online verification system, and come from professional backgrounds to ensure they represent you to the highest possible standard every time!

Click here for more information on IDSecure’s Subscriber Agents.